Animated by: Gilbran Jalil

Tapas Media

I'm the Head of Creative over at Tapas media. A webcomic/web novel company. I oversee a team of designers, freelancers, and contractors to execute all of Tapas visuals. 


I provide art direction for comic/novel covers, thumbnails, and promo items. I provide and create brand guidelines as well.


I manage multiple projects and make sure we deliver assets on time. 

I overseeing the assets for the Tapas app and web. Provide templates for UGC and in-house designers, and organize dropbox for easy asset management.


I also work alongside the dev team to get the UI specs to keep up to date with any app or web updates. 

App / Web

Community Events

Tapas runs alot of community reading challenges, app takeovers, and "Inksgiving".

I take care of the concepts and design directions for those events.

App Takeovers

Over 30 assets are executed for a series takeover event.

Social Media

I run Tapas Youtube channel and Tapamons personal Instagram account @tapamon_official

Working alongside the marketing team I make sure my team is delivering all assets for @tapas_app.

We supply filters, videos, and static images to help grow the channels.


I have in-house and external partners make the merch designs. I also approve all 3D and 2D animation for Tapas mascot Tapamon. We have style sheets and a large library of assets filled with the mascot and logo designs that are used across multiple teams. 

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