Art Direction

I have a team of freelancers

whom I work with to execute

special projects. 


I also work with comic creators to make videos for our social media channels.

Cover Creations 

I'm in charge of the creative direction for all novels coming into Tapas. A brief is written by the head of novels and approved by the author. Once that's done I look at the character description and story synopsis to create the cover's overall composition and art style. For this cover I went with the wonderful illustrator Wiwi who's art style is more anime-based. This is the approval process I go through to get the final cover.

Video Production 

Alien Idol 

I created a storyboard and wrote the script for the trailer. 

I really wanted to make the video similar to K-pop videos

so I asked to use neon lights and catchy beats.

I hired a freelance animator to help with trailer production. I provide a storyboard and script.

I also work with comic creators to execute "creator spotlights" a short interview where artists share

a little bit about who they are and what inspires them to make comics.

Freelance Illustration 

Tapas has an about page where we showcase the staff. I was tasked to find a new artist to revamp the old profile pictures. I have had the pleasure of working with Minced a wonderful illustrator who has executed over 25 portraits so far. I provide the creative briefs, set deadlines, and give the final ok before delivering the images to the dev team and staff.

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